Error:Cannot read property 'setColumnDefs' of null

Hi! I need your help desperately .

almost every time i open a page,after publish, that contains a table i get this error in the console:
state.js:62 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘setColumnDefs’ of null
at state.js:62
at lodash.min.js:45
at Et (lodash.min.js:27)
at lodash.min.js:45
at (lodash.min.js:67)
at n.updateUsingApi (state.js:61)
at l (lodash.min.js:50)
at grid.js:33
at h (lodash.min.js:7)
at Function.On.reduce (lodash.min.js:119)

even when i drag a table to the page end dont change it at all.
how can i fix this problem?

Do you use wix-data somewhere in code or some elements connected to page elements? If you do make sure you execute code after onDatasetReady. Check API.