Error on Dynamic Page

I’m getting a ‘net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING 200’ error on my dynamic page and Kaspersky is flagging the page as a ‘Dangerous URL’

Cannot click on anything or interact with any element on the page after this.

Is anyone else experiencing this on a dynamic page?

What browser?

Google Chrome

All browsers or just chrome? Disable the plugin?

@brett I’ve only tried on Chrome. Was working fine a few minutes ago. Wait I’ll disable them and see

Yup still there

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This is odd. You may want to log a ticket with support - I’ll watch my emails and see if anything internal gets flagged. Right now it’s just you reporting this. :frowning:

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Opened a ticket with Support but FYI for any issue related PM over here, I think this is a Turbo related issue as its originating from here:

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Wow ok - ty!