event delegation

Hi everyone and thankyou for all your help in frustrating situations.

Before I leave Editor X and go back to the WIX editor I’m wondering about event delegation, or maybe it can be solved in some other way.

I’m making a visual representation of part of an Excel sheet that the user has uploaded. I’m stuck at the presentation part and how to do it best. I’m working with grid and a lot of divs in Editor X. I don’t want to have a click event on every single div (cell) so a big box around it all with the event on it would be a great solution. Thing is, I need to know what child was clicked for it to work. In JavaScript this would an easy solve but in Velo, not as straight forward (what I can see).
Embedded html or custom element can also be solutions but I would like to investigate other possibilities first.
What I can see Editor X does not have tables, which are not maybe the most flexible element but it can do magic with a lot of data, and this can be found in the WIX editor.
Anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem I have?

Thankyou in advance and have a great day, solution or not. =)

Why not using a → REPEATER ← insted of a → TABLE <–???

A REPEATER is a upgraded version of a table.

I’ve tried that too but the problem is still event delegation. I can have a repeater with click events on all the cells. But it will still be a lot of events. That’s what I’m trying to avoid.