Everything fading in!

Hey - I’m just having a problem that every time I load my website all the text fades in and I don’t want it to. When I check the animation options in the builder the animations are turned off.

Is it a theme or something that I’ve got set somewhere?

I cannot understand why they are all doing it!

It’s going to be something simple, if you can help me out, I’d be super grateful.


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I’m not sure if this will help, but check the page transitions. Maybe it’s set to cross fade?

Hi @rob_the

It is Sebi from the Editor X Product Team! Nice to meet you.

Can you please share your site url so we can diagnose what is happening?
Many thanks in advance for reporting this to the community.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


thanks for the reply. I found that setting just before you sent this message and thought that I’d cracked it! alas, no. :sleepy:

Thank you for your response.

It appears that the site you shared with us was created on the Classic Editor.
For any issues or questions regarding the Classic Editor, please refer to support at wix.com/contact.