Excel digital product automatically capturing customer's details

Hi Community,

I am developing an Excel-based digital product for my online store.

The checkout / delivery process that I am trying to enable for this product is:

  1. On the Checkout page, the customer enters in their details (e.g. name, email address, business name)
  2. Customer submits their order
  3. Customer immediately receives a link to the product (Excel file) for download
  4. The customer opens the Excel file… and the spreadsheet has been automatically pre-populated with the customer details that they entered in on the Checkout page (within cells pre-determined by me).

I am stuck on step 4. Can you please let me know if this functionality is possible, and if so, how?


pj lar


There is no built in option to modify XLS files within Wix Code.
However you might be able to find third party libraries that do handle excel files, you can then add them as modules to your Wix Code project and use the methods provided by the library to handle the excel file.

See more regarding module support below