External Content Collection doesn't connect?

Continuing my product evaluation, I have created the required endpoints on my server for an External DB as described here: https://www.wix.com/velo/reference/spis/external-database-collections

POST  /provision              
POST  /schemas/find           
POST  /schemas/list           
POST  /data/get               
POST  /data/find
POST  /data/count             

However, when I try to add this to my site, all I ever get back is the 401 response, without any further details. Inspecting my logs I can see no attempt to connect at all.

I don’t want to announce the server’s url here, but it is online and functional.

I’m no where near an expert on this part of wix. The guide you linked says 401 - Unauthorized The system was not able to authenticate the request.

Could it be because the creds (secret key) are missing in the wix editor? https://www.wix.com/velo/reference/spis/external-database-collections/external-database-collections/authentication

I don’t believe secret keys are involved (I do have one set up btw), I simply always get a 401 error when I go through these steps:


But the problem is I never see any request coming in on my server when I do this, and I have no authentication configured anyway. So the 401 is not coming from my end.

Edit: paging @yisrael-wix , do you have any idea about this?

Edit2: this turns out to be some weird credentials caching thing. Cleared some stuff out, all works now.