External URL sites can't log in when on desktop

Hey Community, first time poster and newbie here at creating a website.
I created a website for my organisation which uses a third-party CRM for customers to log in to to book sessions, make payments etc. Currently I have it embedded on one of my pages and the issue I’m facing is that customers cannot log into the portal through the desktop but they can with the mobile version. Trying to figure out why that is and how to resolve it. Hoping you may be able to assist if possible.
Is there anything that could be wrong with coding etc that may cause this issue? I’ve attached below.
I’ve also noticed when I attempt to log in through the embedded in Wix page, I see this at the bottom of my screen “waiting for bam-cell.nr-data. net” but when I log into the page through the direct page link, I don’t see that.

Any advice would be appreciated.