Facebook Comments Box Blank

I have made a many varied attempts at this with zero success. My intent is to add the Facebook Comments to my website. I add the item to the page and get a small blank box. I preview this page and hover over the still blank box and get a tooltip to publish live to view content. I do. I still only see a blank space where the comment section should be. I have set the personal page name in the Social Settings to no effect. I have poured through searches of the community and have found nothing like this. Examples just show everything working which is frustrating. In an attempt to work around this I tried to implement the Facebook developer option… but that too is not working for me only because it is not designed for the Wix interface. That option wants access to the page code to install an SDK. Any assistance appreciated.

tl;dr - Attempting to get Facebook Comments to function - only getting a blank box - need assistance…

The Facebook Comments is an app added from the app market. Please contact Wix Support team as they know best about this feature.