#feature request - Ability to hide slides

I’ve had a few clients ask for this. They want to have a set of slides to use in rotation. So they don’t always want them all visible. At the moment you can only delete. So if they don’t want one showing then they have to delete it and when they want it again they have to recreate it from scratch.


Thank you for your feedback and request Helen.

#FeatureRequest editor #Slides

really necessary function for a slideshow! Definitely really want it to be added.

Thank you for your feedback Corey. I’m currently compiling a list of requests posted here in our Forum that I’ll be sharing with our product teams. I will be adding this request!

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I know this is an old thread, but should others inquire - a possible solution without code is to create a repeater inside a Strip, or Photo Gallery inside Strip connected to CONTENT MANAGER and FILTER which items to show based on your particular desire (columns saying SHOW or by DATE etc. It can have the same appearance of slide show, can attach artwork, links etc. all without code.