Feature Request: Additional Options for Roles & Permissions for WIX Stores

#featurerequest #stores

It would be great if there were more options for Roles & Permissions when setting up users/contributors for WIX Stores. At the moment you can select:

Whilst its great to have the Manage Store and Manage Store (Limited Access) options, it would be very helpful if there were more. For example, I think it would be very helpful and more flexible to have the option for a user/contributor to be able to manage store orders (they can see and print invoices and shipping information/labels) and manage store product, collections and inventories. However they don’t have access to be able to edit any store settings. If extra categories could be added or there’s a checklist where you can hand select each individual role if you want to give access to or not.

Thank you for your feedback Pagan. #WixStores #ContributorRoles