Feature Request: Allow users to use the Content Manager from the Wix Owner Mobile App

This option would boost the Wix owner App’s importance and make it 1000000x more useful!

You need a PC to create and design your Website (understandable), but once you design, create, and connect your site to the database, you should be able to change those database values from your phone at least.

It looks and is a simple addition but it really would be a BIG quality of life improvement.

While testing my mobile version from my Phone I catch myself always wanting to change some small details or add some information to the content manager. Instead of Turning on the PC just to write a few words, it would save so much time if we had that option on the mobile app.

Thank you


Please submit this feature request to Wix Customer Care . They will make sure your request is seen by the product team.

Ok. I will make sure to forward it. Thank you!

Yes please