Feature Request: WIX stores custom attribute for filtering

Can we have a custom attribute system implemented on the WIX store.

At present the only reasonable way to offer this is with the use of Product Options and then activating the “sort by product options” now I know there is the “custom filter” options but on a diverse store, you would need thousands of “categories” and without the option to search the categories on the product page. This is just not going to work.

So lets get some custom attribute options per product. A good guide for the dev team to look at is how the eBay sales channel you have the attribute options that you need to fill in before publishing a product.

Here is an example of why custom attributes are different to options.

Say you sell cameras on your Wix site. You could apply custom attributes that can be searched in the store gallery.

Such as:

Panasonic Lumix GH5 Camera

Custom Attributes:
Manufacturer: Lumix
Sensor size: M4/3
Mount Type: M43 (Lumix)
Screen: Fully Articulating

This can then be added to each collection/category for the customer to navigate the site better

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