Feature request: Wix Stores Return Labels

Hello: It would be great if within the Wix store’s system there were the ability to generate a return label to send to a customer via email or via a link. Currently, there is the ability to cancel and order but no way to streamline a return process.

Hi Dena, c urrently there is no automation of that kind. I have forwarded your feedback to the team. This is a great #FeatureRequest!

Hi Dena, you can achieve this using Velo code + 3rd party API!

Please see Velo Ref. https://www.wix.com/velo/reference/

Hi! Curious, do you know of any specific 3rd party APIs that would work well for this specific feature request?

@fordcreatv Can I know what company you are using for shipment?
We can use code to “link” them but the ability is based on your provider.

note: I use Easyship (multi shipping courier) to do integration because it has a lot of features with coding.