#FeatureRequest #WixBookings Set own Link for next bookings at the final Bookings page

At the moment it’s only possible to add a link to the official WixBookings Checkout page, which lists all services on one page.

We are using another page for showing all the services on WixBooking with a better overview for the customer, therefore we use WixBooking-Buttons:

Not the following, as WixBookings would link to:

Now if I activate the link for the costumer to be shown after a finished Booking, it’s only possible to change the Text of the link. But I need to change the URL of the link also to my massages page.

Do you see a possibility to make this possible?

Eg. with another Checkbox, below the “Link” checkbox in the settings, which I have to activate to add my own link to my own salespage.

Opended a discussion at the partner forum:

I guess there it’s better? Or where should I add my feature requests?