Filter or query for members with privacyStatus = 'PUBLIC"

Greetings Velo Forum:

I recently created a site page with a repeater and containers that rely on PrivateMembers (as a data set) as well as an external collection as a secondary dataset and both are connected via an email address based filter. My requirement is to limit the records displayed where the member’s privacyStatus is “PUBLIC”. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this column is exposed in the collection so I am unable to use the filter function according to my current understanding.

In reviewing the wix-backend API documentation is looks like getMember() might work as the promise output includes privacyStatus and its values, however I really don’t want to query for 400+ records through Javascript each time the page loads.

I’m hoping some of you more experienced Velo users can point me in the right direction to only allow the repeater to display members whose privacy status is public.