Filtering a dataset using Tags

I populate a repeater from a collection via a dataset and already do some filtering using drop downs connected automatically via the dataset settings (as filter by input element). I am assuming that at some point Wix will add the ability to do the same with tags but until they do I need some cheap quick code to do this for me. I have searched around a lot but all the solutions I find are way more complicated and bloated than I require.

The repeater displays records and in a panel to the left I have two tag options that correspond to possible values in a tag field in a collection (as loaded into the repeater using a dataset). All I want to achieve is that if a tag or tags are clicked, the repeater refreshes the records displayed according to which records contain the selected values in their tag field.

Surely there is a quick and simple way to achieve this? Please help and thank you in advance :slight_smile: