Filtering Data with WixData

Hello everyone
By following the Velo courses I learned to fill in a dynamic “repeater”…but I would also like to apply a filter on the “name” field, how should I modify this code?
Thanks for your help

import wixData from 'wix-data';  
$w.onReady(async function () {   
    $w('#planetRepeater').onItemReady(($item,itemData, index) => {
    $item('#PlanetImage').src = itemData.image;
    $item('#name').text =;
    const {items:planets} = await wixData.query('Galaxy').find()
    $w('#planetRepeater').data = planets

Oops, I found:
You just had to add:

const {items:items:planets} = await wixData.query('Galaxy')
        .contains('name','Inter')  // pour filtrer sur "Inter"