Filtering Drop-down based on user group.

Hey, i need some help creating set of drop down with will be filtered based on each other and user Group.

First one needs to be filtered based on User Group.
So if some one is on Group “Imperium” from first one he could chose only “Imperium” but then if he is on other groups he could choose those as well.

Then second drop down would show only entries where first column would fit with value of first drop down

Could you guys help me out with code ?
I have tried something like this for first one.

let user = wixUsers.currentUser;

$w.onReady(function () {
.then( (roles) =>
if(roles.length > 0) {
let firstRole = roles[0];
let roleName =;
let roleDescription = firstRole.description;
console.error(roleDescription + "roleDescription");

and this for second one

export function DropdownLokalizacja_click(event) {
//const filtrGrupyD = wixData.filter().eq('Firma', $w('#DropdownFirma').value)