First welcome composition, buttons dont line up

since im getting better by the day, im going through all the compositions, to see if they are usable. will show any errors i find in them, so that they can be fixed by the team. So if you click on add elements ==> compositions ==> Welcome, and chose the first one, (Going beyond the frame). So although the title is stacked with the buttons (buttons are also in a 2 col grid), if you go to the mobile view, you will see the that the buttons which are now in a 2 row grid, dont line up correctly. Although i did fix it, but for a new user not well versed with editorx, it wont be possible to fix.

Thanks for the insight. Not sure if maybe it’s been fixed but it looks lined up for me in terms of docking (they’re both docked to the center and with 20 pixels of margin to the left and right).

They may look a little off since for me at least, the black button is overlapping the black of the image and it makes hard to see but think that’s an illusion.

Are you on a particular device that you were seeing it off or can you share a screenshot/video? Want to make sure there actually isn’t a problem that we can correct.