FIXED: Live Submission Broken?

Hello respected members of this forum.

I just noticed live data submission is broken.
I made a custom submission form; user enters their contact credentials into input field, presses “submit” and it adds it to the live database.

I have 3 fields (username, email, other) the user needs to fill in and submit. However, when they submit, all the fields data is just the first field (username) entered for all fields. This does not happen with sandbox, just live. Is there an issue on Wix’s side?

My form has been running for 11 months with no issues, even today it was fine until a few hours go, with no website changes.

This is quite time sensitive to me as I am not able to deliver the product to my customers.


Can you please send me the URL for your site so I can investigate? Thanks.

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Hello Marlowe,

Thank you for your dedication and quick response.

I created a new website for 100% transparency, and the issue is the same.

Editor: Press to access

It would be preferable for us to test on the live site that is having the issues, as there could be other factors in that site that aren’t in this new one. Would you send the URL for it?

My client is also experiencing this error.

There is no custom code on the page, just native connection between dataset & input fields.

When fields are filled in on the live site, they are not saved into the database. Only a few fields were saving even though all fields were connected. We disconnected 90% of the fields to test and it still does not save information into the database.

This is the live site:
The form can be found under ‘get started’.

@code-queen Do you have some credentials I can use to test? Thanks!

Same problem here. I try to copy the original form page and submit it again, but nothing’s changed. The database only collect the name field and display it in every field of my database.

Please solve it as soon as possible. Only a few customers submit my form but I already lost their contact information (the email field collect the name value as well). I hope I can retrieve those data before next Monday.

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Hi Judy,
Please send the URL for your site so we can investigate. Thanks.

@marlowe-shaeffer No problem.


Edited after issue fixed: Sorry I deleted the webstie due to privacy issue.

Hello Marlowe,
I would prefer not to share my website, sorry for any inconvenience.

Regardless, the test website that I just made still has this issue, which suggests that there are no other factors on my live website that play into this. Neither have I changed/updated my website, and it worked fine for 11 months.

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your patience. QA is investigating now.


Thank you for the support and dedication.

Hi Nayeli, Dany, and Judy,
Please check your sites again and let us know if the issue is resolved. Thanks!

It seems that the test website works now, my personal one does not, perhaps this takes some time to take affect? I’ll keep you updated.

@danyminko You will need to send us the URL for your other website if you’d like it fixed as well. Thanks.

Hi Marlowe. Thank you for the quick follow-up.

Please see the attached pictures from the my dashboard and databse. It seems that the problem hasn’t been resolved. I have 2 new guest who just submitted their forms, and I can only see their names in the database (I can’t screenshot their info here due to privacy issue).

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@judytaylor1975 Can you test it now with a new entry? QA night not have filled out the forms completely…

@marlowe-shaeffer Oh it works now! Please see picture below.

However, the issue sill remains for my other websites (about 10 to 11 websites) which share the same database. And the problem is still there.

Those 2 new guests I mentioned before in my previous reply were submitting their form on a different pages (same domain, same form formatting, but differnt page urls. for example, [WEBSITE]

Do I need to send all of them to you to fix the issue?

@danyminko Is it your site that begins with the letter X? If you can give me the first letter or two I can find it in your account. Thank you.

@judytaylor1975 Oof. Thanks for letting us know. Let me talk to the team. I’ll report back when I have an update.