Font and text size, what is reccomended?

I’m in the building phase for my site. What size text/font should I use? I first chose Arial 16 for paragraphs to see that it looks a little big when previewing the desktop version (just a little big) and not good at all on mobile version, with weird paragraph breaks and visually too long (I think.) So, I started editing the mobile version only to second guess myself. And what size font should I use for the header? I now have it at 40 with same issues. And I am using Corben for header and section titles in my one page site with Arial for other text. Does Corben and Arial complement each other or not? Any practical advice in font choice and size would be great. Thx.

Hello, @Creative_Nonfiction

Font Sizes:
Paragraph Text:
Desktop: Try 14-15px instead of 16px.
Mobile: Use 14px for better readability.

Header Text:
Desktop: 32-36px for headers.
Mobile: 24-28px for headers.
Font Pairing:
Corben and Arial complement each other well for headers and body text.

Use responsive design to adjust font sizes for different screens.
Ensure appropriate line height (1.5 to 1.8) and spacing.
Test on multiple devices for consistency.

I hope this information will be helpful for you
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Chris Wright
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