Foreign characters disappear when implementing "Show more" button

I have been playing around with the “Show more/Show less” button following this instruction.
Everything went well, but the fact that swedish specific characters are now not being displayed correctly when previewing the site or in published version which is kinda a problem…
When i am in editing mode - everything looks good:

But when previewing/publishing is does not look good…

Do you have any idea what the problem might be?

Sending good karma and thanking in advance genius who knows the answer!


Hii! Irina ,thanks for your review.Actually , I was trying to add something new in that blog ,but it dose’t happen.
But i’m launching my site.

@Pranav Tungar: I am sorry i did not understand what do you mean. Do you mean there is a bug in functionality?


We are aware of an issue and working on a fix.
I will update this thread once we have a solution.

Best regards,

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  • 1 on this problem - looking forward to a solution!