Forward website from whatsapp

Hey, I have a quick question. When I want to forward my website from whatsapp, a completely different link appears. Can someone help me how to solve this?

this is our website:

and this website will be redirected:

I’ve never seen the page before.

thanks in advance

Hi @alexkemmer98 - I’m trying to replicate the issue but when I share your website via Whatsapp or forward it within Whatsapp, the only site I see is yours:
Do you have a screenshot where you can show this problem?

This situation could occur if you were using the template, which got canonical SEO tag set.
As per the check, I can see that tag was already changed, but the situation with template sitelink still persists. This part of case is uncommon, so we will report it to the relevant team, they will update you via email on resolution.

along with this, may I ask for a screenshot from WhatsApp?

I managed to solve the problem. It was due to the canonical-tag that was wrongly stored.
Thank you anyway

got this, so I’ve done the check when you already did it
nice to know, still the situation was reported, you may receive updated on this via email

have a nice one ahead