Fully custom booking flow without leaks

I am trying to use Wix booking to sell a service. I have restrictions around who can sign up for which service. My primary flow works - the user gets to my site, enters zip code, goes to a custom booking page tailored for their geo, picks one of the services available to their area and books the service.

Now in order for the customer to see their orders, save their wallet, profile, etc., I have a members area. The problem is that when customer login and see their services, there are 2 customers paths that go back into the non-custom vanilla Wix flow.

  1. Customer can click on reschedule and go to the vanilla wix flow that bypasses all my checks.
  2. Despite my best effort to hide the All Services page, once the user logins in, the “Booking checkout” option shows up on the top menu under More. This leads to the All Services page which breaks out of the custom flow I’ve built.

How do I get rid of these links or better still redirect into my custom flow? I notice that the custom Velo booking flow does not talk about any rescheduling functionality in the documentation. (https://support.wix.com/en/article/velo-tutorial-creating-a-custom-bookings-experience).