Galery page to item page

hi i have no experience at all with wixcode.
but i was able to built page1 showing different motorbikes with pics and a button for each motorbike. all based on a database vehicles. and a page 2, showing details of one motorbile.based on same database. i would like that if the user press on s button on page 1 the item page - page 2 - opens and shows only the details of the chosen bike.
the code examples from wix do not work bec they use another galery template. thanks for help. i have already headacke bec i try since 2 days.


Hi Thomas

This is quite an easy fix. Click on the button on page 1, then, depending on whether you simply added static images or used a repeater, you will need to do one fo two thingsā€¦

  1. If you used static images and buttons, click on the button, then on the nromal button link, choose the dynamic page and choose the selected bike underneath the dropdown that opens.


  1. If you used a repeater, connect the button on the repeater to the dynamic page the same way you connected the image or wording. Simply click on the database icon that opens up whn you click on the button and select your dynamic page.

Best of luck!