General Clients Review website

I am interested to build a new, general, multi-category, website, for aggregating of
online client’s reviews on their own purchase orders, for the purpose of collecting,
performance analyzing and follow-up.
i like to ask if wix can do that and what template is the best to start from?
Thx in advance, Eshel

Hey Eshel,

Could you tell us more about the aggregation and analysing you would like to achieve? Until then, you can start reading about Dynamic Pages (CMS: Examples of Dynamic Pages | Help Center | that would suit your multi-category needs.

We don’t have any templates that would come with Dynamic Pages, but there are some nice-looking ones that would solve some design questions. Would start with Business category.

Dear Adas Bradauskas,

I read the general new info and it looks good & relevant.
Is it possible that I will hire Wix to build at least the base website for me?
Can I have one POC to accompany me throughout the process?
Doses the database is run by SQL?
Will it be big and strong enough to hold and maintain growing database through 5-10 years around 1,000,000,000 “products”?
Can you objectively say I can choose to build the web with Wix
on building it from scratch by WordPress?

Thx in advance,

Your sincere client,
Eshel, Like Home, Gedera-Room-BnB