Get a value from a column in Database

I have a “Collection” with column name “Location Code” and “Country Name” and a form with a input textbox to enter the Location Code, a Search Button and a Textbox to display the country name after a Location Code is passed in the Inputbox and the search button is pressed. Please help me to achieve this process. Thanks.

Do you have an example DATABASE to work with ? (screenshot?)

I have attached a screenshot, I wan to retrieve the District Name by taking a PINCODE entry in the inputbox and then displaying it in the textbox after Search Button is pressed. Thank you so much.


Here we go! pflegeservice

Use this interactive-example.

  1. First you will have to set-up your database.

Database-Setup: -Open Options-Menu

Go to “PRESETS”…

Choose PRESET3 and set up your desired DB-Fieldvalues.
Your options are…(dropdowns)

 Name of Data-Collection (DATABASE) ---> "Locations"


After your DB-Setup is complete —> choose your DB-Preset …

-Take a look what happened and use the filter . . .

Here is your form . . .

(Open CONSOLE in your BROWSER to see more information about all code-steps) !

@russian-dima Hi, Please guide me how am i going to implement this solution to my problem? The database that I have shared with you is a list of codes in which courier has access to deliver the products. How will I be able to get this data from I am completely new in this fields so need more inputs. Thanks.

Before i will show you some Code, first try to do, what i described and try to understand.Find out similarity to your project.

I saw that you have tried to setup the DB-Preset in the example but it did not work for you right?
So i have done the SETUP by myself. Now you are able to use the example and see what is possible.

Once again, with this integrated form here. . .
…you can add new locations to the shown database in DB-Preset-3.