Get PricingPlan for arbitrary user, not current user?

I can see in the wix-users API that you can retrieve the PricingPlan data for the current user.
But is there a way to retrieve the PricingPlan data for an arbitrary user, say by user ID?

Have a look at using Wix Users Backend API and the getUser function to see if you can pull the users role from the returned info.

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getUser returns a UserInfo object which doesn’t contain any PricingPlan data.

The PricingPlan data only seems to be available in the User object, which seems to only be available for the current logged-in user.

That’s no good to me, as I’m trying to write an HTTP function to allow an external system to query the PricingPlan data for an arbitrary user.

Unless I’m missing something, this isn’t possible. It means I’m going to have to write my own Pricing Plan functionality into my own database. Possible, but a PITA!



Yes it was just a suggestion and I was hoping that it would possibly pull out more info than what is listed in the example, so if they had any plans etc then it would show them too.

However, as you have mentioned, it doesn’t so unfortunately you are going to have to do it the pain in the arse way, sorry.

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