Getting weather information from latitude and longitude from openweathermapAPI

Hi, I’m currently try to get weather information using latitude and longitude from openweathermap api.

I got these error when I coded as follow.
I’m glad if anyone help me where to fix.


I plan to add latitude and longitudes on dynamic dataset.

page code

Here’s api data I got

Thanks in advance.

Can you please copy and paste the code into the

code block!

Thank you for your reply.

When I try to use code block, it shows that “Your account does not currently allow posting of links. If you need to post a link of your site or relevant Wix content, you can “break” the URL by adding spaces, like this: www.wix . com/velo”

I also tried to make break each URL I wrote, it doesn’t work. How do I use code block?

How to use a —> CODE-BLOCK ?


Yes, I know how to use it and I want to add my entire code as below:

import {getJSON} from 'wix-fetch';

But when I try to add entire code that I want to share, then it shows pop up again.