Global Action Input Repeater ??


I was working on repeaters and came to a problem where I want that the user check a checkbox and after that he click on submit button (Outside The Repeater) and all the data will get updated in the dataset. But when I check it although I have clicked checkbox of various containers, only one has updated. So i thought :thinking: this problem has to be solved with code. I searched the documentation of checkboxes and data but unable to merge or you can say solve​:no_mouth: . Please give me some guidance about it…

I want something like this–

This example is not explained completely**

Thanks in advance😀

export function saveAllButton_onclick(event) {
 let value = $w('#checkbox1').checked;
 if (value === true) {
 // update the boolean value in the dataset
  }else if (value !== true){
 // do not update the boolean value in the dataset

Hi everyone I have come this far please guide me further i don’t know how to update the data as it need to be save all button type(I have mentioned in the example above).

Also checkboxes are in repeater.


Anyone Please??

Please need this urgently.


I also have same problem pls anwser it