Global sessions should work with data connection

I’m creating a website in Wix Studio, and I have around 10 pages that are very similar as they belong to different categories. I’ve noticed that if I need to change a repeater, I have to make the change one by one on each page. (This takes a lot of time and I might make mistakes.)

It would be great if I could have a global session that can connect to data, allowing me to make changes more quickly on a single page.

Just to clarify, are you using dynamic pages? If not can you elaborate on why not and if yes, please expand on exactly what you are looking to achieve as an end result.

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Yes, I have two dynamic pages where the same section is displayed. And that section is also shown on a static page, which is the Home page.

What I would like to achieve is this:

Make changes to a single section that has repeaters, and these repeaters are connected to a database.

The problem arises when I convert this section into a Global Section in order to modify only one, and have the others update as well.

However, when I convert a section into a Global Section, they no longer allow connection to a database.

Although you gave me an idea I hadn’t considered before, which is to use a dynamic page for individual items for each category instead of using a dynamic list page for each category, and this way I can make changes more quickly. I’m going to give it a try and see if it works, thank you very much.


Another approach is to use Wix Blocks, then add the widget to each of the pages on the site that you need and connect it to data.

If you need to make a change to the layout or design, they can do it in Blocks, and then publish it. Once the block is published and updated on the site, the layout across all pages will be updated.
At the moment, I think this is the best way of doing “single build, multiple distribution” style approach on a site.

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