Google Drive App Element Issue

I’m using the Wix Google Drive App but have an issue the first time the page loads with an element that sticks.

When a user visits the site, and they select a folder from the list, the “drop-down” below the root folder pops up and sticks on the page until the user clicks somewhere else.

This only happens the first time the page loads, but is problematic.

I have a support ticket in, but am in a bit of a panic to get this resolved. I wonder if I would be able to use CORVID to hide the element when it first pops up…here is the div tag, but the element does have to load the content and user select an option before this div appears.

Is there something I can do to remove that element the first time it pops up?

If I could automatically trigger a click on the Google Drive element after it is finished rendering, (#googleDriveShareTool1), it would eliminate the issue.

I’ve tried but failed with these so far:

$w( “#googleDriveShareTool1” ).trigger( “click” );

$w( “#googleDriveShareTool1” ).click();