Grateful for help with a stray image, thanks

Apologies for sounding green but I’m a copywriter, not a website expert. I have a stray image that shows up on the live page on the right hand side, outside of the normal page boundaries:

but it’s not visible in Wix editor, so I can’t remove it:

Is it a coding issue? I have no idea. I’ve tried to do some research but I don’t know where to start.

Please, help. I work free of charge for this charity, so if you help sort my problem, you’ll also be helping people with the rare neurological condition, Superficial Siderosis.

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

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Hi @silentbleed101 ,

As a start try right clicking on the page where the stray image is there and check whter there is any overlapping image is present or not…if yes remove it…

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Thank you Nithin. There’s only a Strip and a Page. I’ve tried removing each element on the page to see if it helps, just in case they’re somehow connected but it doesn’t work.


Try zooming while your in the editor and see if you can find those images and delete them. You can zoom out by holding ctrl and then roll the mouse wheel down.

Hope this helps,

I’m having the same problem with a stray image. It won’t show up on the editor but when I move my mouse to the side (Mac mouse) I see the image clear as day. Hopefully someone has come up with another solution to this problem. Thanks.