Help, issues with "your content has been submitted".

Hi I have uploaded a form and connected the form to a database. I wanted to add a success message to the Submit Button and apparently hit the “+Add success message” 5 times because it didn’t show up anywhere in the Edit. Now it shows 5 times and I don’t see any way to delete it.

This is the form:

This is how it looks like after clicking the submit button once:

It’s probably something simple, but I’m unable to figure it out. If anyone can help, that’s much appreciated.


Linda Lou


Hi Linda,

When you add form messages to the page, they are set to ‘Hidden on load’ as they appear only when a form submitted.

In order to see all hidden elements, and be able to delete them, go to Tools in the top menu of the editor and make sure the checkbox of ‘Hidden Elements’ is checked.


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Thanks so much Shay! That’s easy :slight_smile:

Hi, I am unable to access the feature of “developer tools” mentioned as “hidden elements” under Tools. It only has: toolbar, rulers, gridlines and snap to objects. How can I resolve this ?