HELP - Please delete the Wix Formmmmm

I am a wix and editorx user for almost 10 years but I feel this forum is the most useless place! all user questions are not resolved even though there are a lot of wix staff here!
so it’s best to delete it! Let’s focus on developing more features users need. Don’t lose users! Dear

Delete what? Wix-Form? Or Wix-Forum ?
You must be very frustrated. What’s the problem ?

Hello. This is not a customer support forum. If you require assistance from customer care, please reach out to them here

Based on the title of your post, I do not believe you will find the answers here as this is a forum for developers collaborating on coding problems using velo.

If you de beleive this issue is due to some code you have written, please detail out the issue along with what you have tried and the relevant code snippet so that folks in the community may be able to assist you.