Help with export function


New to coding and having an issue. I have the same exact line of code 3 times. Each line of code has a vector image appear when a check box is checked. It works for the first 2 checkboxes but not the last one. I’ve triple checked and the code is identical and the identifiers are 100% correct (i.e. ‘#checkbox4’, ‘#vectorImage8’)

export function checkbox1_change(event, $w) {
if ($w(‘#checkbox1’).checked){
else $w(‘#vectorImage5’).hide();
export function checkbox2_change(event, $w) {
if ($w(‘#checkbox2’).checked){
else $w(‘#vectorImage6’).hide();
export function checkbox4_change(event, $w) {
if ($w(‘#checkbox4’).checked){
else $w(‘#vectorImage8’).hide();


Check the property panel of the different checkboxes and make sure the Change functions are on there.

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I would also encourage you to use more mnemonic names (in lieu of the current generic names).