Hi, I've some trouble when i publish my page is not the same as in preview mode, i 've several multistate-boxes and placement problems...

i’ve made sure that everything is saved and erased the cache and went in to incognito mode but nothing seems to be working.
In preview mode the things that are pinned to the page apear in the right place and all the buttons and multistate boxes change correctly but when i publish some elements are not where there should be and the multistate boxes wont change state anymore … i don’t know if that has happened to you ?


Hi egrangie,
Can you please share the URL of your site and provide steps to reproduce the problem? Thanks.

Hello Marlowe, here is the URL , though,


https://www.studioe71) .com/copy-of-rimo-raffles-1

The main prolems are:
-the E71 logo should be vertically aligned with the menus
-the text on the right is pinned and should be horizontally aligned with the text and menus ( at the beginning of course)
-the multistate boxes are not changing states as they did on the preview :frowning:
NOLLET DUBAI RAFFLES, should each have a different gallery and text

-and also when i tried the multilingual tool, the english version oh the site , does not appear in the same place as the french one ?
really having trouble with this ,
i hope you can help me with those ,

thank you ,

Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

  • The logo is pinned separately and is probably been set to appear on all pages, where as the menu(s) are not.

  • If you want them to be vertically aligned together, you can place them all inside a regular box and pin the box instead.

  • Regarding the multi-state boxes they’re working just fine now.

  • Some elements extend their height or width when changing the label or the text, for example, a word in English might take 20px wide, while in French in might take 35px wide, and if the element width is set to less than 35px, the text element will extend its height making a second row of text, causing it to “look” differently, so it’s a design issue not a code related issue.


Hey @egrangie , In addition to what Ahmad said (Hey Ahmad, how’re you doing?) it seems you might have some issues with the margins. See the following two screen shots:

Normal editor view:

And then (still in the Editor), when I hide the controls :

When the controls are hidden (in the Editor), it appears OK, however the 3 buttons appear in the left margin.

I really think you’ll get better help with your problem from Wix Customer Care . They are better suited for assistance with the Editor and with layout issues.

I’m going to check with QA about this and see what say.

Meanwhile, check with Wix Customer Care and perhaps Ahmad or some of the other developers in the community have ideas they can contribute.

Thanks for asking, I’m fine :wink: Hope you’re doing well.

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Hey @egrangie , I see you did something and it looks alright now. Is it working the way you want? Did you discuss this with Customer Care?

I passed this on to QA and the devs and they’re not sure what’s wrong - it looks OK. Let me know if you’re still having a problem.

Hello , @ahmadnasriya , @yisrael-wix and @marlowe-shaeffer Thank you all! I managed to make some changes thanks to your messages, I did simplify a lot of things though!

I didn’t have to discuss it witth custumer care, i managed it thanks to your comments!

Thankyou again!

Glad to hear that everything is working as expected :blush: