Hid or show a header menu depending on member status

Using velo, how do I show the appropriate advanced menu in the header?

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What are you trying to achieve:
I have 2 advanced menus, one with a “members” entry and one without. Only members who have paid their dues by buying a pricing plan can see the menu with the “members” entry. Others (members who haven’t paid or non members) see the menu without the “members” entry. I want to show the correct menu, depending who has logged in.
What have you already tried:
I’ve tried code in the master page, buit it’s not working. I’ve searched the Internet for days, trying to find something on this issue, but haven’t found anything.
Additional information:
Code from masterPage.js

import wixUsers from 'wix-users';

$w.onReady(() => {

    try {
        let user = wixUsers.currentUser;
        console.log("User: ", user);

            .then((plans) => {
                const paidPlan = plans.find((plan) =>
                    plan.name === "Individual Join" ||
                    plan.name === "Individual Renew" ||
                    plan.name === "Family Join" ||
                    plan.name === "Family Renew");

                if (paidPlan) {
                    $w("#horizontalMenu3").show();      //menu has "member" area
                    $w("#horizontalMenu5").hide();        //menu doesn't have "members" area
                } else {
    } catch (error) {
        console.log("Login Error: ", error);

Use wix-members’ getCurrentMember function.

The user object doesn’t have functions on it, for getting pricing plans use the listOrder function in a Velo Web Module.

Note you can restrict pages for users based on whether or not they have a pricing plan: Pricing Plans: Making Site Pages Members-Only | Help Center | Wix.com

Thanks for your help Anthony. I found a solution.