Hide a custom comment repeater until approval

Hi friends. I have a custom commentaries field in my site, open for everyone to coment in. My problem is I need a way for the submited comments to be approved before appearing in the final repeater. I was trying to develop a way to do it on my own, and it works reasonably well, except its maybe a little “brute” and has a potential problem:

My method was the siple custom comment way: created a dataset to recieve form submission open for anyone to read and submit. seted the dataset with some user inputs. then created the repeater and used a second dataset to insert info in the repeater accordingly. all looking good until now.

Then i thought, if I put an user input in my site, with the predefined leter “X”, head only, and hide/collapse it, then set it to submit the X into a field in my database called “approval”… and so set a code that if the item has X in that field, the repeater container would collapse, only showing if i go into the database and remove the letter X.

I used the follow code, and it works almost perfectly:

$w.onReady(function () { 
    ///this force the hidden user input to allways have the X in
    $w('#AutoFillApproval').value = ('X')


$w.onReady(() => {
///This collapses the repeater container that field has letter "X"
    $w("#repeater2").onItemReady(($w, itemData, index) => {
        if(itemData.approval==="X") {

It works well, EXCEPT it still count the collaped space. i dont know why, but even collapsing it still have a space of a little line there, were the collapsed item would go, an it is breaking the align of my repeaters, plus hiding some of them in the load more button (I set it for show only 4 at time, then it shows me 3 because the 4th is collapsed but still counting a little space there)

I think my code may be a litle barabarian, but at least I tryed hehehe. Can someone help me? Really lost now.

Here follows a screenshot to help understand:

ps: i already tryed hide(), collapse() and both, still the same. also already tried to remove any slighest spacing in the repeater config, but to no avail!