How can I add a custom error message for each field in my custom form?

Hi there,

I’ve created a custom form and connected it to a dataset. All works fine, I would just like to create a custom error message that lets a visitor know that the information they have provided is incorrect. How can i do this?

  1. adding for example a box onto your page.
  2. adding a textfield into the box (setup the box to —> “hidden” in property-panel).
  3. choose the event-handler which will open the new created info-box (button-click) ?
  4. scripting the code which will connect all elements together and give the wished action.
		$w('#myText').text = "Attention this is my error-message"

This is just a simple example. You will also have to modify the right IDs of all used elements.

Godd luck.