How can I change the button send to next

I would like to replace the button ‘send’ below the contact box to next’ so the button next will link to different page.
what is the best way to create it


Hello Shalom,

Here is a tutorial on how to link buttons to other pages.
Another solution is to have it as a onClick event and use the wixLocation API .to().
Here is more on that.


I know how to create a new button with link
but I want the button send (which built in in the contact box) will send the message and will contain a link as well (to open new page)

Hello again,

To do this, you have to store the data somewhere so that you can retrieve it when you redirect to another page. If the data is small I suggest using local storage, if it is large I suggest a collection.

Here is how to store and retrieve information with local storage.
Here is how to store and retrieve information from collections. (Look at the insert and query functions)

If you run into trouble post your code here so that we may be able to debug it.


maybe I was not clear
I will open another page somewhere in the site
and I want the button send to do 2 actions!
1 to send the info the people fill out in the contact box.
2 to open different page (the same page I already opened in the site)


What is the event that will open a new page, and what do you mean by somewhere?

Regarding your questions:

  1. Where do you want to send the info from the contact box to, and what do you want to do with it?
  2. again, which page is this?

Please be more specific and post some snippets of code so that we can work on debugging it!


PS What I understand now is that you want the button to take the data from the form and save it somewhere so that you can access it on the new page, if this is what you are trying to do, follow my previous comment.

I found it!
Thanks a lot for your help

Hello Shalom,

Very nice, good job!