How can I change the content of dynamic pages with a single edit window

Hello! First of all my english is not so good… ok?!

The answer is probably simple, but I don’t have enough javascript skills yet…

I created 3 dynamic pages to different projects, eg: Project A , Project B and Project C , each one with its content thats I’ll call “post”. In this “posts” we have some fields like: Title, cover image, short and long description…

So then I created a window to edit these fields from Project A .
When I click in the blue button (look the image) inside the page from dynamic page this windows appears. Til here it’s ok.

Print of the window who edits the content from Project A .

What I would like to do is use this same window to edit all dynamic pages (they have the same fields).
Is there a way to send which data set will be edited by window when I click in the blue button?

Sorry about the big explanation :sweat_smile:

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Do you have these three pages pulling from 3 databases? If so you should just make it all from one if they have the same fields.

Is this window a lightbox or just a hidden element? You can feed the ligthbox and the element with different datasets, you just have to have the dataset elements on you page.

Guys, thanks for your help! But I found the answer with Velo Brazil :laughing:

They said to use getContext( ) and its work.

If you want to see, look here . Its Velo Brazil forum.

I found the answer on velo brazil forum. Look here .