How can I connect my button to enter key?

I had linked button to another page. I want to connect that button with enter key in keyboard. If someone press enter he will be redirected to next page. I don’t know much about coding as I am a beginner. Anyone please help…

The button work with Enter key click by default. For that you have to focus on button with Tab navigation.

  • You click key Tab .

  • You can see where you focus with blue outline.

  • Click Enter key (the same as click with mouse or Space key)$w/button/onclick

I tried this. But this is not working.
Please check the first page concept. It will make you understand better

Hi Shaksam,

I understand that you want a user to click a button by using the enter key.

I would approach this by making a text input element, and focusing on it, when the page loads.


Then create an onKeyPress event handler for the text input, and put this inside it

if (event.key === "Enter") {

Make a new function called page, which directs the user to the page you want them to go to

function page() {"/home-1")

Remember to import wixLocation at the top of the page!

Happy coding!

Unfortunately buttons in Velo doesn’t have focus method.$w/button

@alexanderz61239 I said focus on the text input, not the button…

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I see. You want to create a global handler for the Enter key.

Yes, I agree with @alexobc . You can use some hack with text input. For example, create a “focus trap”.



import wixLocation from 'wix-location';
// Navigation
const nextPage = () => {'/next-page');
$w.onReady(function () {
  const button = $w('#button1');
  const focusTrap = $w('#input1');
  button.onClick(() => {
  focusTrap.onKeyPress((event) => {
   if (event.key === 'Enter') {

  // Focus trap. 
  // If user click somewhere then we return the focus to input
  focusTrap.onBlur(() => {
   setTimeout(() => {
   }, 100);


@alexanderz61239 Nice one! I completely forgot about the focus trap!

Please elaborate more, I don’t know anything about coding. I am new for this. I tried your code it responded by pressing enter but didn’t worked to load next page


Sorry, if you don’t know JavaScript then I couldn’t help you. The first you should learn the JavaScript then you can work with Velo.

Your code worked! But it is working only on preview not on published site. Please help. @Alexander Zaytsev Please help!!