How can i handle managing API request limit from a 3rd Party

I have some simple get JSON code setup in a Backend Module that i use to populate a colection overnight. The issue i am currently facing is that the 3rd Party has an API request limit thats quite slow, 10 calls in 10s. I need to make a 100 calls, I have tried a couple of ways to manage this using setTimout but this function doesn’t work it appears in backend modules. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to try?

Hi, Tom!

Check out Job Scheduler, maybe this will help:

Thank you for the reponse, I have a number of other overnight processes in place at the momnet using job scheduling so i can certainly tweak the code so i can run it as seperate jobs and that will ceratinly help short term. Ideally though i was looking at as a simple do 10 requests and wait for 10 seconds in a loop through of all the requests. All this code is working its just a means of delaying the next batch of requests, this is the place i tried using setTimout().