How can i save user input from homepage and redirect to dynamic page?

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to save user input on the home page and when the user clicks a button it redirects to a dynamic page and filters the result according the user input from the home page?
this is my homepage:

Dynamic page:

Already tried to type in the following —> “redirect dynamic” into the SEARCH of this FORUM ???

There are several ways of how to save data into your DATABASE.

  1. Using a DATASET (setFieldValue/setFieldValues):

  2. Using Wix-Data (insert/save/update):

Hello russian-dima,

Thank you for your answer, i did search ‘redirect dynamic’ on the forum. But i can’t really find what i need. the purpose is to filter the dynamic page with the input from the home page. I got the filter working on my dynamic page but i dont know how to save the input from the home page and filter the results on dynamic page. Another solution would be to set my dynamic page as a homepage but i read on this forum this isn’t possible…

This could help you out…