How can one have user select a predetermined image to be in database? Boolean?

I know this is probably a simple solution, but not wrapping my head around it.
Want user to be able to select an image that will go into database field.

Try these articles:

Yisrael I have a good feeling something may be wrong with startUpload() function for Upload Button element. Particularly an error code -7751. Not the only one in the community experiencing this problem in the past 24 hours. Code was working up until now. Still checking my code to see if I am making a mistake but so far can’t find anything wrong with the code. Thanks.

@danborja I tried this on one of my sites that has an image upload and it worked fine. However, I’m using a dataset and my form button is connected to Submit.

How are you doing the submit?

Are you having trouble in Preview or Live?