How do I link a dropdown in a forum to an external database?

Hi there!

I’m pretty new to this and was wondering how I would go about linking a dropdown in a Wix form to an external database. We are an animal shelter who uses online forms for the public to register interest in animals that we have and use an online database to keep track of which animals we currently have available.

It would be great if that dropdown could link directly to our database to show the animals which are marked as available for adoption. I’ve spoken to the technical team who run our database and they have said we could call the service API to get the info to put on the website but I don’t know how I’d do this. Does anyone have any advice?

Hi Anna and welcome to Wix!

Our API for communicating with an external service is called Wix-Fetch .
You can read all about it and how to use it in this article

If you need further assistance feel free to post again or comment!


Hi Doron,

Thank you for this, sorry I am completely new at this so need more detail if possible. The call for the service we use would be this: http://localhost:5000/service?method=xml_adoptable_animals&username=user&password=letmein

Where would I be putting this on the page so the “Animal I would like to adopt” field links to the animals from the external database? Apologies, I don’t have any experience here.