How do I make elements in repeater have independent ID’s?

Hey there, I have a area on my site where i use repeaters that display content and next to it i have a more info button that displays a little more info about the suggested article but the problem is my code is broken by the repeater as all the more info buttons have the same ID and ‘expand’ the info sections on all the repeaters not just the one article.

Photos attached

Above is one of the repeater items.

Above is after the info button is clicked.

Above is the problem, When clicking one it opens all instead of just the one it is next to.

How do i make independent ID’s on elements in repeaters connected to databases?

They already HAVE independent id’s, but I fear you are not using them. You probably use $w to address the items, but you should use $item. See$w/repeater/introduction and read the part about scope.