How do I remove the arrow icon from my product images?

Hi, I want to remove the transparent circle with arrow and line from my products, please see here:

I know that they’re to show that the product is downloadable but all of my products will be so it makes it unnecessary. Hope that one of you can help.

Just so you know - I know nothing about coding so would need to be able to copy / paste something in.

Thanks in advance.


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Thats the symbol for Video Play

What type of gallery is that? I just tried to add a Grid (rollover) gallery and it doesn’t have the download buttons on them. Perhaps try that type and see if that resolves your issue?

Are you sure? I had the same icon when i had them as images. I think its the icon for digital store products. Anyway, it doesnt really matter what its for i just want to be able to remove it.

Hi, its a store product grid

You can create your own product gallery and design this however you want. Check out the Add to Gallery example .


Thanks, Ill give it a try!

I’m wondering if you ever found a fix for this? Currently having the same issue and I can’t find anything else about it.

I am also needing this fix! Has anyone discovered a way to remove them?


No, unfortunately I didn’t. There was a workaround however, by using the Pro Gallery to display the product images then link each image to a product, it wasn’t hard to do. My business has developed into something slightly different now and I don’t sell digital products so cannot show you an example but it did work and I thought displaying the products using the Pro Gallery looked better.

Hope this helps.

I need this stupid download icon removed as well- I have been resorted to turning a regular grid gallery into a product gallery by linking the product to that specific picture because I am so picky- I dont want the arrow circle there- it makes the gallery look cheap- plus like the customer will know its a digital product and they can see that once they click on the photo and go to the product page and see the description saying what it is etc. plus when you click this circle arrow download button it takes you to the product page anyway! ugh wix dont take stupid votes for this- just hear us and make it an easy switch to turn off the download arrow PLEASE also I am really floored about this next one- when you enter a category of products upon a mobile device you are unable to switch between products via next or previous button- you have to go back to the stupid menu! what kind of layout is that? its common shopping navigation! how can we expect people to buy something when its a huge pain in the a$$- im ready to switch to shopify if things dont get better

Also the second complaint doesnt just take you back to the menu, the only option says home- so it takes you back to your home page not even the page that you were on- omg frustrating

Seriously we cant expect everyone to be able to navigate our products only a desktop when more than half the world does shopping on mobile devices