How do I stop the text on my page scrolling over the page header?

This is a screenshot of the problem. I’ve created a box in the centre of the screen into which I’ve added the text required and attached the text to the box.

But I’ve noticed that if I scroll the page during preview the box scrolled up under the header and is visible above the page title.

Hi David ,

First, you should unpin the elements ( The text, the title … ).
Then try to drag the title outside the header, then move it back to the header till you see ( Attach to header ) at the top of the header. then you can modify header setting that allows you to choose what happens to the header when the scroll bar scrolls!
P.s: try to make a background for the header to see the differences.

Hope this helps!


Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’m pretty sure I tried that. Or to be more precise, as far as I recall that was the default status of the header. But if i remember correctly the problem I had then was that when the page scrolled the header rode up over the page border in the background.

So, to stop that happening I was forced to pin the page header/title to the screen, and then found that the page text rode up over the header. A sort of domino effect seems to be in play as far as I can tell.

I’m wondering if perhaps there is a way of reversing the trend, perhaps by having the entire page scroll rather than individual elements on it. I’m not too bothered if the entire page were to scroll up the screen even if the page header and top border dissapeared from view. It’s just annoying the hell out of me that things on the page are not staying where they’re put relative to each other.